Medicare Supplement Leads for Agents

Finally, a solution for Medicare agents who are tired of being ripped off on lead generation and have not quite created their own leads, yet.

What are they?

These leads are generated from a call center that uses the latest Do Not Call list scrubbing AND the Known Litigator’s list. This means you have a much lower chance of getting nasty folks on the phone because they have first been scrubbed and have also indicated a strong interest in help.

They are asked:

  1. If they are paying more than $100 per month, in addition to Medicare, for their Medicare Supplement.
  2. If they would like information on the latest changes with Medicare where they could possibly save money.
  3. What insurance company they are currently with
  4. If they have had a heart attack, stroke, or cancer in the last few years
  5. And another piece of personalized information so that the calling agent can connect with them on a personal level and remind them of the call.

How are Leads Distributed?

These are telemarketed leads where you are sent your own Google Sheet as soon as the leads have been delivered. You can import this spreadsheet into a dialing system, CRM, or call right from the sheet.

How Long Does it Take?

Once ordered, the leads usually take up to 5 days to be fulfilled.

What States Can I Choose?

You can choose any state on the order form. You can also choose multiple counties by putting those counties on the order form in the “States” field.